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James Vickery is the founder of Technology Leaders, an information portal into the present and future of technology.

James sits on the boards of companies and is a regular commentator on IT matters with a strong social media presence and has been invited by major companies including Fujitsu, HP and IBM to speak and present on a panel at international and national conventions.

An adept entrepreneur in an era of disruption, his entry in to the offshoring market continues to enable Australian companies to reach their customers on a global stage.

As the founder and Managing Director of I Know IT – James and his team help organisations with their technology needs with the sole principle that baseline IT should be simple and working to become an enabler of organisational growth, profitability and scale. I Know ITs clients are Technology Leaders.

James through Technology Leaders provides a blueprint for organisations to determine the best IT strategy and mix of technologies to grow, streamline and de-risk business IT solutions – 3 Pillars of Business Growth.

When not thinking about the future of technology he is helping internal IT departments find the right technology solution in today’s constant, disruptive business environment.

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