Artifical Intelligence and the 3 Pillars


This week in Las Vegas #IBMWoW
Technology about to majorly disrupt business.. Again..

When we developed the 3 Pillars of Business Growth the concept was simple – how do we help businesses Grow Revenue, Create Efficiency or Minimise Risk with technology? For example, if we were to suggest a CRM might help underpin sales activity then that would be a classic Grow Revenue concept. Or, with security being a major concern for businesses we might discuss anti-intrusion software – a key technology in Minimising Risk.

Organisations embrace technology every single day to reduce mundane tasks and free up people for higher level tasks. It has been happening since computing began and people get it – software saves us time.

But most software still requires human intervention and countless hours of data entry. Often software produces results that still require manual offline calculation and analysis. In the world of A.I or Cognitive Computing this isn’t true.

So I’m here in Las Vegas this week as a guest of IBMs for the World of Watson (WoW) conference.

Here’s what I hope to learn and share on the blog:

How quickly can we expect to see Cognitive Computing / A.I affect our daily lives?
When will this technology be affordable enough for Small to Medium Companies vs the big guys who are already adopting it
What are some examples of A.I and the 3 Pillars – will it totally replace finance? Will we only deal with chat bots and automated call centre operators in the future?
What are some really cool examples of A.I/Cognitive in business so far – case studies, success stories
Are we all doomed, or is this just the next extension of using software to make our lives easier?

One thing is for sure this is a rapidly changing space so I hope to learn and share as much as possible over the next week.

I’ll be blogging at (go to the A.I and Cognitive Page here) and tweeting from the event – follow me @JamesVickery

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